Concrete Repair & Restoration

Allow D&T to take care of your deteriorating concrete flooring in a professional manner.

We repair and restore imperfect or substandard concrete or concrete that has deteriorated, to restore it back to its original function.

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More About Concrete Repair & Restoration

Our trained technicians are ready to help make your dream project a reality and help make your space shine the way you’ve always wanted.

Concrete repair problems are varied in nature. Each job requires a clear understanding of what is expected of the repair including client’s preferences, appearance, protection needs, and other pertinent requirements.

Our trained technicians are available to identify and recommend the appropriate repairs needed prior to commencement of your decorative flooring project.

A successful concrete repair is achieved only where proper surface preparation has been completed. The end result is an attractive, long-lasting finish.

Let the experts at D&T Polishing make your dream a reality and give you the admirable finish you’ve always wanted.

Our Services

D&T Polishing offers a wide-range of services to the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.