Decorative Concrete

Offering the top services on the market, our certified installers will leave your home or business gleaming.

Concrete as a flooring system is extraordinarily popular these days because of its glossy appearance, ease of maintenance, eco-friendliness and affordability. All these benefits make polished concrete an optimal flooring choice for commercial, as well as residential spaces.

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More About Decorative Concrete

Our trained technicians are ready to help make your dream project a reality and help make your space shine the way you’ve always wanted.

Due to advances in the concrete industry, D&T Polishing is able to give your commercial or residential project a low-maintenance, affordable, ultra-high-end alternative to traditional flooring options. Unlike old-school concrete, our new technology never requires waxing, and even allows cosmetic applications, such as dyeing, stamping, and choosing multiple potential finishes.

Polished concrete is ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurants, ballrooms, and other locations where a highly-reflective, pristine look is desired. It’s an ideal substitute for marble or granite floors without the high price tag, as we can apply a high-gloss coating or a stone-look to give your space the look you desire.

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D&T Polishing offers a wide-range of services to the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.