SEMCO Surfaces

SEMCO Seamless Surfaces provide durability, waterproofing, and modern design to any project.

We’re a licensed provider of SEMCO Seamless Surfaces to offices, restaurants, warehouses, and residences around Maryland.

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More About SEMCO Surfaces

SEMCO is the industry leader in developing surfacing products for floors, walls, decks and waterproofing, all offered by D&T Polishing.

SEMCO Surfaces are used by everyone from large corporations like Google and Disney, to government agencies like the Department of Defense, to offer a long-lasting, waterproof, modern solution to their indoor and outdoor applications.

Our trained technicians are available to identify and recommend the appropriate SEMCO products needed prior to commencement of your project.

Seamless surfaces like SEMCO provide an easy to maintain, great looking flooring solution for both commercial and residential applications that will last longer than many other popular products.

Let the experts at D&T Polishing make your dream a reality and give you the admirable finish you’ve always wanted.

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