Resinous Floor Installation

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Resinous flooring consists of applying a base of resinous material, such as epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate to the concrete. Resinous flooring systems are smooth and non-porous; they are often used in new construction and restoration projects.

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More About Resinous Flooring

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Commercial and Industrial Systems often use pigmented resins and natural silica aggregates or clear resins and pigmented aggregates, such as dyed stone. In these systems, the slurry application is slightly thicker, when compared to the decorative flooring systems. General-use resinous flooring systems can resist abrasion, impact and most common chemicals. These flooring systems should not be exposed to high temperatures that soften the resin or used in areas subject to steam-cleaning.

High-Performance Systems are resinous flooring systems that are formulated to withstand environments of extreme conditions, including corrosion, as well as abrupt changes in hot to cold temperatures, or vice-versa. Epoxy, urethane and vinyl ester are the polymers often used in these systems. Although epoxy generally provides electric insulation, some resin formulations available today have even stronger static-dissipative and conductive features. These specialized systems are ideal for environments where the natural formation of static-electricity can cause problems, such as in the electronic industry. Electrostatic discharge can damage the hardware of computers and gaming machines.

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